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We are about lifelong learning through sport and physical play.
Play - the language children love.
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About Mangweni Greater Good CSI

Let’s face it, living and operating in South Africa presents tough social challenges.  This situation is worse for children, especially those in less privileged communities.  Their challenges range from poverty at home, overcrowding in schools, disability discrimination, substance abuse and lack of good role models.  Lack of safe spaces to play due to crime and violence is another challenge and, even where spaces do exist, children aren’t always choosing them.  The country has a high illiteracy rate (78% of 10-year-old learners cannot read) and a high number of learner drop-outs in schools.  Under-resourced schools have poor learner Grade progression and poor education outcomes.

Our proactive approach to social change, focusses on children whilst prioritizing education to foster future human prosperity not only for Government but for Corporate South Africa too.

We are a social impact consulting company and proudly South African 100% black female owned.  We are passionate about children and their ability to reach full potential.  We focus on lifelong learning and implement physical play programs targeting children in the ages of seven to 12 years.  We are fans of outdoor learning!  Our belief is that the first ten years of life are about play and that children do better when physical play is an integral part of their lives. It does not only improve their health but teaches them critical life skills such as problem solving, resilience, teamwork and creativity.  Please engage with us, to find out how we can partner to deliver systemic social change.


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